What Is an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and Top 17 Crypto Launchpads for Your Project to Watch in 2024

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Discover the innovation of Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs), a decentralized fundraising model reshaping the crypto landscape. Unlike traditional methods like ICOs and IEOs, IDOs offer instant liquidity, tear down barriers, ensure transparency, and promote fair participation—all with lower costs and quicker execution.

This guide provides practical insights into IDOs, covering participation strategies, platform selection, tool utilization, and the essentials of launching your IDO. Emphasizing the importance of a robust business idea, a competent team, a comprehensive whitepaper, and a well-developed smart contract, it serves as a compass for navigating the dynamic world of decentralized fundraising.

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What Is an Initial DEX Offering (IDO)?

Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), a groundbreaking fundraising strategy that aggregates investment from individual investors. Originating as a solution to the shortcomings of traditional ICOs, IDOs operate on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), transforming them into decentralized liquidity platforms.

As the latest fundraising model in the crypto space, IDOs present a promising avenue for projects seeking investor support. However, they come with their set of challenges, particularly in scalability. Unlike ICOs and IEOs, which can amass over $1 billion, DEXs face limitations in reaching such staggering amounts.

One obstacle hindering widespread DEX adoption is the intricate nature of DeFi platforms, posing a learning curve for the average crypto trader. Overcoming this hurdle necessitates an investment in DeFi education to ensure a smoother entry into this dynamic space.

How do crypto IDOs work?


We dissect the key features of Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) that empower the functionality of IDOs, shedding light on their benefits and potential pitfalls.

IDOs thrive on the ability of DEXs to offer immediate token liquidity, a feature that sets them apart. DEXs incentivize liquidity providers with substantial rewards, ensuring smooth operations without unexpected interruptions for users.

To facilitate trading, projects often contribute liquidity to DEXs, adopting a standard practice of allocating a portion of funds. Many projects also integrate a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, originally designed for network security. However, in the context of IDOs, it serves to discourage premature selling by having investors hold their capital in the supported token, earning rewards for their stake in the network.

At the project launch, investors gain immediate access to trading the project token, allowing early investors to capitalize on selling at a premium once the IDO commences. Early participants enjoy the advantage of purchasing a significant token quantity at a discounted rate.

As the public sale unfolds, the token’s value ascends, and with a liquid exchange, executing new smart contracts incurs negligible gas fees due to ample liquidity for trading pairs. Unlike traditional fundraising models, IDOs have the capability to instantly mint tokens, offering a swift and efficient process.

One notable advantage is the elimination of prolonged waiting periods for token listings on exchanges. Post-IDO completion, the token is promptly listed, enabling investors to realize returns much quicker compared to ICOs.

While DEXs offer a trustless environment, circumventing the need for human intermediaries, they are not without vulnerabilities. Despite their overall reliability, technical exploits remain a concern. Instances of potential exploits, where hackers abscond with investor funds, underscore the importance of remaining vigilant in the crypto space.

IDO – a Better Crypto Fundraising Model?

In the dynamic realm of crypto fundraising, Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) emerge as a superior model, succeeding other methods such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Security Token Offerings (STOs), and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). The distinctive mechanics of IDOs provide enhanced and immediate liquidity at various price levels, making them an optimal choice for new projects and startups seeking swift access to funds through token launches.

IDOs present a notable departure from traditional fundraising practices by fostering fairness in project launches. Unlike their predecessors, IDOs steer clear of pre-mines, an issuance system that often tilts the scales in favor of project founders at the expense of community members.

Reflecting on the evolution of crypto fundraising, the first ICO dates back to the Mastercoin ICO in July 2013. Ethereum followed suit in 2014, raising a substantial 3,700 BTC in its initial 12 hours, equivalent to approximately $2.3 million at the time. The inception of IEOs came later, with the first occurrence on April 17, 2019, spanning exchanges like Idax, BitForex, Bit-Z, and Bit-M. In a groundbreaking move in June 2019, Raven Protocol introduced the inaugural IDO, setting the stage for its listing on Binance DEX.

How To Choose A Crypto IDO Launchpad


Selecting the right crypto launchpad is a pivotal decision that can significantly enhance a project’s chances of success, providing essential resources and funding. To navigate this crucial choice effectively, consider the following key factors when choosing a crypto launchpad:

1. Reputation and Reliability:

Before anything else, prioritize a crypto launchpad with an unblemished reputation and proven reliability. Thoroughly research the platform’s history, scrutinize its security measures, and assess safeguards for user assets to ensure a secure and trustworthy environment.

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2. Tokens and Listing Opportunities:

Investigate the tokens that have previously launched successfully on the platform and evaluate the opportunities it offers for listing new projects. This is particularly crucial for startups intending to raise funds through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs).

3. Fundraising and Fees:

Scrutinize the fundraising terms offered by the platform and the fees levied on projects. Assess the competitiveness of these terms and determine if they align with your project’s specific needs.

4. Ecosystem and Partnerships:

Explore the broader ecosystem and partnerships associated with the crypto launchpad. The strength of these connections can significantly impact your project’s access to resources and potential investors, making it a crucial factor in your decision-making process.

5. Reviews and Recommendations:

Conduct thorough online research to gather reviews and recommendations from other users and startups that have utilized the crypto launchpad. Real-world experiences can provide valuable insights into the platform’s performance and reliability.

Top 17 Crypto Launchpads  for Your Project to Watch in 2024

1. Binance Launchpad

Binance Launchpad

Binance Launchpad stands as a trailblazing platform, leaving an indelible mark as a leading force in 2024. Renowned for its transformative impact, Binance Launchpad serves as an empowering hub for promising blockchain projects, providing them with a stage to secure capital and garner extensive community support.

Distinguished by its commitment to innovation, Binance Launchpad sets itself apart through its pioneering use of Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). The platform leverages the robust exchange infrastructure of Binance, allowing projects to directly introduce their tokens to a vast and engaged user base. This distinctive approach ensures a level of legitimacy and security that resonates with both project teams and investors alike.

As we navigate the dynamic shifts in the crypto landscape, Binance Launchpad remains a captivating launchpad to observe. Positioned at the forefront, it is poised to catalyze the success stories of tomorrow’s game-changing ventures. The enduring appeal of Binance Launchpad lies not only in its past accomplishments but in its continuous commitment to shaping the future narrative of crypto fundraising.

2. DAO Maker

DAO Maker

DAO Maker stands out as a unique platform, specializing in Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) tailored for retail-oriented startups. Its distinctive approach prompts lower turnout frameworks, democratizing venture capital participation for retail individuals and investors.

DAO Maker transcends the traditional IDO launchpad role, actively developing and investing in growth technologies. The platform is dedicated to fostering ecosystems that devise strategies to mitigate risks associated with crypto investing, contributing to a comprehensive and secure crypto landscape.

For project initiators eyeing DAO Maker’s IDO platform, seamless integration awaits with trusted partners like 1inch, Wanchain, and Ronin. This collaborative network enhances accessibility, ensuring a streamlined experience for both project creators and participants.

3. BSCPad


DAO Maker stands out as a unique platform, specializing in Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) tailored for retail-oriented startups. Its distinctive approach prompts lower turnout frameworks, democratizing venture capital participation for retail individuals and investors.

DAO Maker transcends the traditional IDO launchpad role, actively developing and investing in growth technologies. The platform is dedicated to fostering ecosystems that devise strategies to mitigate risks associated with crypto investing, contributing to a comprehensive and secure crypto landscape.

For project initiators eyeing DAO Maker’s IDO platform, seamless integration awaits with trusted partners like 1inch, Wanchain, and Ronin. This collaborative network enhances accessibility, ensuring a streamlined experience for both project creators and participants.

4. KuCoin Spotlight

KuCoin Spotlight

KuCoin Spotlight stands out as a leading Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) launchpad, leveraging the well-established KuCoin exchange. This platform provides blockchain projects with a unique space for token launches and direct fundraising from a broad user base.

Distinguished by its commitment to quality and innovation, KuCoin Spotlight employs a stringent project selection process, ensuring only high-quality ventures make it to the spotlight. This emphasis on due diligence enhances the credibility of the projects associated with KuCoin Spotlight.

Beyond its reputation, the platform prioritizes a seamless and compliant token sale process. KuCoin Spotlight offers a user-friendly interface, simplifying investor participation. Moreover, strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verification procedures contribute to regulatory compliance, safeguarding investors and project legitimacy.

KuCoin Spotlight’s comprehensive approach includes curating promising projects, ensuring a secure token purchase experience, and listing successful tokens for active trading. Positioned as a frontrunner in the crypto launchpad space, KuCoin Spotlight embodies innovation, reliability, and investor protection.

5. BullPerks


BullPerks takes center stage as a leading crypto launchpad, excelling in the industry with support for major blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Solana, and Ethereum.

Using a streamlined 6-tier system, BullPerks leverages users’ locked native BLP tokens to determine their tier placement, ensuring a transparent and equitable participation process.

Beyond its launchpad function, BullPerks serves as a dynamic blockchain innovation hub, actively nurturing the growth of gaming projects within the crypto sphere by facilitating investments and exposure.

Since August 2022, BullPerks has successfully assisted over 50 projects in fundraising, solidifying its reputation as a dependable launchpad and a significant industry resource.

6. GamesPad


GamesPad, a leading crypto launchpad, specializes in the intersection of crypto and gaming realms. As one of the largest launchpads in this space, GamesPad focuses on gaming-related crypto projects, NFTs, and ventures into the metaverse.

Distinguishing itself with multi-chain functionality, GamesPad streamlines investments and widens opportunities. Collaborating with top projects across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polychain, it ensures decentralized IDO platform access for both investors and entrepreneurs.

GamesPad’s commitment to security ensures only the most promising initiatives launch, attracting investors keen on upcoming Initial Gaming Offerings (IGOs). Exclusive whitelist opportunities in the crypto space are available, offering a chance to secure your position in this exciting fusion of crypto and gaming.

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7. Startup Startup Startup, affiliated with the reputable cryptocurrency exchange, is a leading Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform that provides a robust avenue for blockchain startups to secure direct capital from a diverse user base. Renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation, Startup meticulously curates projects through a stringent evaluation process, enhancing the credibility of featured ventures.

Distinguished by its dedication to a seamless and secure token sale experience, Startup features a user-friendly interface and adheres to regulatory standards with comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures. Serving as a bridge between promising projects and investors, it facilitates the direct purchase of tokens using the exchange’s native cryptocurrency or other accepted digital assets.

8. Seedify


Seedify, our next featured IDO launchpad, is dedicated to fostering blockchain projects and innovations. Functioning as a decentralized incubator, Seedify empowers the next generation of crypto-based apps and solutions, leveraging feedback and involvement from project users and the community.

What sets Seedify apart is its inclusive approach, allowing anyone to submit their ideas or innovations to the platform. Unlike traditional models, projects on Seedify are not subject to the decisions of a single board or individual. Instead, the community actively participates in voting to determine eligibility for an initial round of funding through an IDO.

For the latest platforms that have received seed funding, Seedify collaborates with PancakeSwap, Avalanche, Solana, and Kucoin. This collaboration positions Seedify as a launchpad paving the way for blockchain start-ups and offering new projects a platform for easy promotion.

The key advantage of Seedify lies in providing investors with the opportunity to invest in early-stage projects before their official launch. For investors seeking new and exciting early-stage projects, Seedify presents a compelling IDO to consider.

9. GameFi 

GameFi, an innovative IDO launchpad, emerges as a comprehensive e-sports ecosystem encompassing fantasy gaming, betting, lotteries, PVP games, and an NFT marketplace. Positioned as a global platform for unrestricted user interactions and gameplay experiences across borders, stands out as the sole launchpad tailored specifically for gaming projects and is compatible with various blockchain networks.

Aiming to address the challenge of exorbitant fees prevalent among existing service providers, plans to tokenize its platform, leveraging blockchain technology for fast transactions and enhanced execution efficiency. A distinctive feature is the staggering 51% dividend for stakeholders. Security is paramount, and achieves this using Solana blockchain technology, emphasizing cost-efficiency and a high-speed user experience.

Recognizing potential barriers for fantasy sports enthusiasts unfamiliar with blockchain technology, prioritizes a hassle-free experience. The platform handles all technical processes, ensuring smooth gaming sessions for players. Transparency and fair gameplay are emphasized through meticulous recording and display of every in-game action. also adopts cryptocurrency for payments, providing easy access for users worldwide.

10. Polkastarter


Polkastarter, an innovative IDO launchpad, stands as a decentralized exchange (DEX) specifically designed for cross-chain token pools and bids, fostering a permissionless environment. Operating on the Polkadot network, Polkastarter offers an open-source platform that enables projects to raise funds in a decentralized and transparent manner.

At the core of its functionality, Polkastarter creates swap pools with predefined token purchase rates, providing ICO projects with a mechanism to secure funding. These swap pools maintain the token price throughout the sale until the initial supply is fully purchased.

Participation in IDO listings on Polkastarter involves community members contributing liquidity or holding a specific quantity of POLS tokens in their wallets. Presently, the requirement is to hold 250 POLS tokens over a week to qualify.

11. TrustPad


Introducing TrustPad, the epitome of a cutting-edge IDO launchpad, making a significant mark as a decentralized platform facilitating fundraising across multiple blockchains. TrustPad is not just a player; it’s a leader, offering early-stage investing and fundraising to organizations prioritizing fund security and equitable token distribution among stakeholders.

Built on the Binance blockchain, TrustPad seamlessly integrates with Solana, Ethereum, MetaMask, and other prominent blockchains. The platform’s mission is clear: eliminate friction and challenges commonly associated with other fundraising platforms, creating a smooth and user-friendly experience.

TrustPad goes beyond just fundraising; it opens avenues for users to earn on their investments, fostering a long-term environment for new investors to understand the intricacies of blockchain operations and transactions. Whether you’re a large enterprise, a small business, or embarking on your crypto journey, TrustPad is committed to ensuring a successful IDO tailored to your unique needs.

12. Bounce


Enter Bounce, a game-changer in the realm of IDO launchpads, offering a decentralized auction site tailored for creators, collectors, and traders of tokens, assets, and NFTs. Positioned as a decentralized auction-product environment, Bounce operates across multiple blockchains, providing users with diverse opportunities and enhanced visibility within a thriving marketplace.

Emerging as a dynamic platform, Bounce empowers users to initiate their auctions, fostering permissionless execution through on-chain governance. The platform boasts a flexible array of auction types, including Sealed-bid auctions, Dutch and English auctions, and Fixed swap auctions, catering to a variety of preferences.

Bounce introduces a native token with versatile utilities, enabling users to make payments, incentivize participants, and establish governance permissions within the Bounce ecosystem. Furthermore, a robust set of developer tools grants creators the leverage of decentralized auctions for their projects.

Project owners can seamlessly launch IDOs on the Bounce platform, leveraging the capabilities of Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, and Kusama. This strategic integration expands the reach and accessibility of IDOs, providing a holistic environment for token trading and innovation.

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13. Red Kite


Introducing Red Kite Pad, a rising star in the competitive landscape of crypto launchpads, specializing in Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) to empower new projects. With a proven track record of delivering positive outcomes, Red Kite Pad stands as a catalyst for fledgling crypto endeavors, facilitating seamless and successful launches.

A standout feature of Red Kite Pad lies in its commitment to addressing the common challenges faced by emerging crypto projects. It plays a pivotal role in overcoming hurdles such as inadequate capital, ineffective marketing strategies, and concerns about scams. Red Kite Pad achieves this by harnessing a robust network of influencers and marketing partners to secure substantial funding for the projects it supports.

Ensuring transparency and integrity, Red Kite Pad subjects all listed projects to rigorous scrutiny, providing a safeguard against potential scams. The platform’s dedication to maintaining a trustworthy environment is a crucial aspect of its appeal to both project teams and investors.

Red Kite Pad goes beyond conventional boundaries by supporting multiple chains, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) pools. Notably, it has ambitious plans to expand its capabilities further by incorporating the Polkadot network. This expansion positions Red Kite Pad as a trailblazer, becoming the first platform on Polkadot to offer flexible pool types and whitelist conditions.

14. Enjinstarter


Embarking on the crypto launchpad scene is Enjinstarter, a rapidly expanding platform born from Enjin, a key player in the blockchain and NFT gaming realms. Originating from the pioneers of the widely embraced ERC-1155 semi-fungible token standard, Enjinstarter has swiftly gained prominence since its launch in October 2021. This platform takes center stage in propelling a diverse array of blockchain, crypto, metaverse, and Web3 initiatives, spanning industries such as sports, fashion, entertainment, social media, and GameFi infrastructure.

What sets Enjinstarter apart is its integration with the Enjin ecosystem, a GameFi domain renowned for cost-effective and seamless game launches enriched with a plethora of NFTs. Games within this ecosystem operate on Enjin’s Jumpstart blockchain, a private Ethereum Layer-2 chain offering zero gas fees, almost instant NFT transactions, eco-friendly NFTs, and smart contract capabilities for developers.

In line with industry standards, Enjinstarter introduces its native token, $EJS, distinct from Enjin’s main cryptocurrency, Enjin Coin ($ENJ). Users can acquire and stake $EJS to unlock various rewards, with extended locking periods correlating with greater incentives. Notable projects unveiled through Enjinstarter include Plutonians, Realms of Eternity, and Metafighter.

15. CoinxPad


Introducing CoinxPad, our fourth pick among top IDO launchpads, a platform designed to foster connections between crypto projects and investors who share a common vision. What sets CoinxPad apart from its counterparts is its innovative multi-chain support feature.

The distinctive advantage of multi-chain support lies in CoinxPad’s ability to attract investors from diverse blockchain networks. Irrespective of the blockchain they operate on, investors can seamlessly access the CoinxPad platform. This groundbreaking approach significantly enhances the visibility of blockchain projects.

Unlike traditional platforms confined to a single blockchain, such as Ethereum, CoinxPad opens up a plethora of opportunities. Investors can explore projects not only on Ethereum but also on Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Solana, Avalanche, and more. This inclusive approach allows investors to discover the most promising projects across various blockchains and networks.

CoinxPad goes a step further by implementing a strategic loyalty program to incentivize users and investors. Through this program, investors receive rewards that can be utilized within the CoinxPad ecosystem, encouraging continuous engagement and participation in new projects.

16. Ignition


Launched in January 2021, Ignition is the dedicated IDO platform for the PAID network, redefining token launches. This platform enables launchpad token holders to participate in public and private sales on the PAID blockchain. Leveraging a decentralized swapping protocol with Polkadot technology, Ignition provides a unique experience.

Investors need a minimum of 10,000 PAID tokens to join an IDO on Ignition. The platform incentivizes holders to keep project tokens, fostering a symbiotic relationship. This strategy not only ensures eligibility for future IDOs but also enhances the chances of participation in subsequent launches, promoting sustained growth and value for projects.

17. ScaleSwap


Introducing ScaleSwap, a prominent player in the IDO arena, focused on creating opportunities for retail investors to engage with crypto startups. What sets ScaleSwap apart is its status as a multi-chain IDO platform, breaking free from the constraints of a single blockchain and expanding its reach across various networks.

ScaleSwap has built a reputation by prioritizing transparency and fairness in investment opportunities. The platform ensures that retail investors have guaranteed access to participate in pools, with the caveat that the selection may be influenced by ScaleSwap’s proprietary scoring system—ScaleSCORE.

ScaleSCORE serves as the key to breaking down entry barriers, fostering inclusivity, and providing incentives for committed users and investors. The platform’s commitment to a multi-chain approach enables it to host IDOs on a diverse range of blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Avalanche, Harmony, Polygon, and Fantom.

Best Crypto launchpads comparison

Crypto LaunchpadTypeBenefitsFunds Raised
Binance LaunchpadIEOAnti-whale measures, affordable and accessible IEOs, immediate liquidity$133M
DAO MakerIDOLaunches high-quality projects, incentives for token holders, listed on Coinbase$66M
BSCPadIDOSplit across two rounds, safe and secure platform, interesting tiered system$16M
KuCoin SpotlightIEOSecure, curated, and regulatory-compliant cryptocurrency token launches$45M
BullPerksIDOMulti-blockchain support, innovative 6-tier system, focus on gaming projectsN/A
GamesPadIDOExclusive access to top gaming-related crypto projects, NFTs, and the metaverseN/A StartupIEOSeamless connection with meticulously evaluated blockchain projects$156M
SeedifyIDOFully decentralized, listed on CoinMarketCap, popular IDO platform$23M
GameFiIDODiverse gaming ecosystem with global accessibility and lucrative opportunities$9M
PolkastarterIDODecentralized, cross-chain fundraising with fair token distribution$32M
TrustPadIDOMulti-chain platform, suitable for any-sized company, even token allocation$14M
BounceIDOMultiple auction types, virtual currency for investments, liquidity access$847K
Red KiteIDOSecure and versatile launchpad with robust project scanning, multi-chain support$10M
EnjinstarterIDORapidly expanding launchpad from Enjin, a significant player in blockchain and NFT gaming$45M
CoinxPadIDOAnyone can invest, easy and comfortable to use, safe and secure platformN/A
IgnitionIDOUncomplicated registration, PAID token on multiple exchanges, unique tiered ecosystemN/A
ScaleSwapIDOFair allocation system, loyalty scoring system, quickly growing platform$1M

Conclusion – Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

IDOs have become a staple fundraising model in the crypto market, known for their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility. They’ve evolved into a distinct industry, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right projects. Opting for a Decentralized Liquidity Exchange adds a layer of security. However, success in IDOs hinges on meticulous research within the expansive crypto space. In essence, while IDOs offer a reliable funding avenue, the key for investors lies in identifying promising projects through careful exploration of the crypto landscape.


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